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The Eagles Nest

Nestled discreetly away from the lively atmosphere of the main bar, conveniently located on the lobby level and just steps away from the reception is The Eagles Nest. The Eagles Nest is an exclusive haven for residents seeking an unparalleled destination to unwind and relax in style. This secluded gem is not merely a bar but an experience, meticulously curated to cater to the refined tastes, and preferences of our residents here at Scott’s Hotel.

As you step into The Eagles Nest, you are greeted by an atmosphere of elegance. The warm glow of ambient lighting casts a soft, inviting aura over the richly adorned space. The furnishings are a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary, with plush leather armchairs, crafted booths, and dark wood tables exuding a sense of timeless sophistication. The bar itself, is at the centre stage of the Eagles Nest matched with the warm ambiance and welcoming nature of the hotel. The refinement, ambiance, and luxury of the Eagles Nest await you.

The ambiance is enhanced by the carefully chosen decor—vintage artworks and historical memorabilia line the walls, each piece telling a story and adding depth to the room’s character. The warm, rich tones of the decor create a cozy, intimate setting, perfect for both quiet reflection and engaging conversation.

The Eagles Nest is designed to provide the ultimate experience for our guests. The selection of beverages is nothing short of extraordinary, featuring an array of a selection of draft beverages, fine wines, premium spirits, and expertly crafted cocktails. Each drink is prepared with precision and care by skilled bartenders who take pride in their craft, ensuring that every sip is as good as the last.

What truly sets The Eagles Nest apart, however, is the atmosphere of exclusivity and comfort it provides. It offers a private sanctuary where guests can unwind, socialize, and savour the finer things in life away from the hustle and bustle. The attentive staff, always discreet yet available, ensure that every need is met, and every visit feels like a personalized, unforgettable experience. Making it the ideal location for smaller functions that focus on an intimate and personalized experience that Scott’s Hotel is well accustomed to delivering.

Here at Scott’s Hotel, we understand our guests desires and take great pride in delivering the best possible service to all who choose to stay with us. Thus, The Eagles Nest is more than just a bar; it is a testament to the quality of hospitality provided by Scott’s Hotel, a place where elegance, comfort, and impeccable service come together to create a sanctuary of luxury and refinement.





Scott Hotel Killarney Location
Scott Hotel Killarney Location
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